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Re: Have built updated rpms for Guichan0.7.1 and Manaworld0.24 for fc8.x86_64

Wart wrote:
Konrad Meyer wrote:
Quoth Rawk Beaches:
Hello, this is my first mail to the list so correct me if I have sent to the
wrong place.
This is my first mail to the list as well, so please forgive me if I'm not totally correct. I think I may be able to guide you though.

I have made some updated Fedora 8 x86_64 rpms for guichan and manaworld and
I would like to contribute them. These updates are fairly necessary as
manaworld0.23 crashes often.
I would talk to the owner of these packages, Michael Thomas <wart AT kobold DOT org>, and see if you can help him out and/or hold co-maintainer status on the packages.

Sorry for not seeing this post sooner.  fedora-devel has deluged my
mailbox as of late.

I have updates for both guichan and manaworld all ready to go, but need
find the time/solution to deal with 'ballz', which requires guichan-0.6.1.

Either ballz needs to be ported to guichan-0.7.1 (which is not likely to
be done by upstream, as I can't reach the upstream web page anymore), or
we need to create a compat-guichan06[1] package so that both
guichan-0.6.1 and guichan-0.7.1 can live alongside each other.  I've
mentioned this to the ballz maintainer, Hans, but he's a bit busy to do
any porting right now, so I think I'll work on a compat- package in the

Here's the review request for the compat package. As soon as it's accepted then I can bump manaworld to the latest version:



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