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Re: ISO 216 vs U.S. paper

On Thu, 2008-02-14 at 22:54 +0000, Johann B. Gudmundsson wrote:
> I've done no printer configuration what so ever..

To some extent it's more informative to
a) configure the system language
b) reboot so all system daemons get started in the correct locale, and
c) try the print dialog for each application, selecting that printer

The reason this test might be more revealing is that the actual correct
paper size for the printer is right there in the printer's PPD.  If the
applications aren't getting it from that, they are just guessing.

But note that even this test is simplifying things somewhat: there is a
difference between a document's natural page size(s) and the page layout
for printing to a particular printer.  I think evince captures this
distinction quite well: see the File->Print Setup... dialog.

> "a) a feature request for CUPS to key off the system LC_PAPER locale setting
> specifically, rather than the LC_MESSAGES setting as it currently does."
> I would say any application that support printing and uses LC_MESSAGES.

The slightly thorny issue with this is that LC_PAPER is not "as
standard" as LC_MESSAGES -- not every environment that supports
LC_MESSAGES supports LC_PAPER.  This is the reason CUPS does not
currently use LC_PAPER -- although it would not take very much to change
the code to use it when available.

But really LC_PAPER should only be examined by an application if it does
not know the paper size of the printer it will print to.

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