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Re: source file audit - 2008-02-14

Le Ven 15 février 2008 04:38, Kevin Fenzi a écrit :

> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_ARTEMISIA_OT.zip:gfs-artemisia-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_BASKERVILLE_OT.zip:gfs-baskerville-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_BODONICLASS_OT.zip:gfs-bodoni-classic-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_BODONI_OT.zip:gfs-bodoni-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_COMPLUTUM_OT.zip:gfs-complutum-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_DIDOTCLASS_OT.zip:gfs-didot-classic-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_DIDOT_OT.zip:gfs-didot-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_GAZIS.zip:gfs-gazis-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_NEOHELLENIC_OT.zip:gfs-neohellenic-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_OLGA_OT.zip:gfs-olga-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_Porson_OT.zip:gfs-porson-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_SOLOMOS_OT.zip:gfs-solomos-fonts
> nim:BADSOURCE:GFS_THEOKRITOS_OT.zip:gfs-theokritos-fonts

Yep, upstream changed its dns from .org to .gr, breaking all related
URLs. Don't think it's worth a rebuild but then I doubt the packages
will be updated this year otherwise. Opinions ?

BTW anyone knows of a gnome applet that can check periodically if the
target of a link changes over time? I'm too lazy to check manually
when GFS updates its unversionned zips (or write a cron for this)

Nicolas Mailhot

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