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Re: Kernel-2.6.25-0.40.rc1.git2.fc9.i686 doesn't boot in rawhide

On Thursday 14 February 2008 06:02:33 pm Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jarod Wilson (jwilson redhat com) said:
> > > I'm seeing the same problem.
> > > I don't use lvm on the disk.
> > > BTW, there was no rawhide report for today's update so I couldn't look
> > > at what had changed. (the previous kernel works).
> This has nothing to do with LVM tools specifically, AFAICT.


I had a (mostly f8) box that wouldn't boot 2.6.25-x, which after updating to 
rawhide lvm2 and rebuilding its initrd, booted just fine. :)

> It has to 
> do with the kernel used to build your initrd. Newer kernels (2.6.25-git)
> rearrange sysfs - things that were directories are now symlinks, etc. This
> hurts mkinitrd pretty badly - it can't find the root devices right, to
> include the right drivers.
> So any initrd built on 2.6.25-x will fail. The attached patch (which
> is a utter hack) fixes it for me.

Built on, or built for? My failure case was an initrd for 2.6.25-x built while 
running a 2.6.24 kernel.

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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