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Re: Git has too many freaking dependencies

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 11:13:45 -0500
"Yaakov Nemoy" <loupgaroublond gmail com> wrote:

> Hey list,
> Before I go and submit a bug, I would like to ask why git requires
> that i install so many dependencies?  Apparently, to manage files, git
> requires no less than CVS, Subversion, emacs-common and emacs-git, and
> tk.  Below is a log from yum.  I'm not complaining too much as I will
> need these tools too, but it strikes me as very odd that git requires
> that I have not only a working kitchen sink, but a dishwasher, and
> servants to load it every day.

git is a metapackage that wraps all the various sub-packages that git

If you really only want the core stuff, do this:

  yum install git-core

It will bring in some perl deps that are needed, but not nearly as much
as what you're seeing now.

This is not a bug.  Please don't file one.


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