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Re: ISO 216 vs U.S. paper

2008/2/15 Tim Waugh <twaugh redhat com>:

The reason this test might be more revealing is that the actual correct
paper size for the printer is right there in the printer's PPD.  If the
applications aren't getting it from that, they are just guessing.

A problem that I encountered some time ago and reported at


is that even when I do install a default printer with paper size a4, then applications which use GtkPrint will not take this customized paper size into account and always default to letter size paper when the current locale has preset it this way.
One can obviously change the paper size in the "Print Setup..." dialog but this change won't be memorized. Interestingly, the correct paper size is actually used by applications which rely on libgnomeprint, and accordingly, abiword still correctly chooses paper size a4 without manual tweaking. Others like epiphany or evince which used to behave correctly in the past have migrated to GtkPrint and are now afflicted by this issue.

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