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Re: LSB-ish init script, RFC

Le vendredi 15 février 2008 à 11:05 -0500, Bill Nottingham a écrit :
> Matthew Farrellee (mfarrellee+fedora redhat com) said: 
> > First, it wasn't sufficient for my service because anyone can run a copy of 
> > my service. They just have to have their own config file. Think of it like 
> > having both a system httpd, listening on port 80, and a user httpd, 
> > listening on port 1134. Both process names can easily be "httpd". This is a 
> > problem because /etc/init.d/functions' status() uses pidof, which can find 
> > a user's process and confuse it with a system process. This means running 
> > "service blah start" can silently fail because the init script thinks the 
> > service is already running, when only the user's copy of the service is 
> > running. To get around this I implemented my own rh_status, calling it 
> > pid_status, that uses a pidfile to determine if the service is running.
> This seems to be a rather unusual case, though, especially since it implies
> you'd need customization just to specify an alternate config file.

It's not. Many daemons can be multi-instanciated (just from the top of
my head clamav & tomcat, would want this too)

Nicolas Mailhot

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