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Re: Anaconda needs new locale thinking. (was Re: How important are ISO standards to Fedora?)

2008/2/15 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:
>  True this is per user but that does not mean the system defaults being
>  f-up is ok. Admins like proper system defaults too.

Here's the thing.... I've seen about... 3.2 million specific usage
cases so far in this discussion.
Anaconda is not going to expose the full extent of the locale
customization...even if its what the local admin needs. It's simply
too much to expose in the installer.  Make a sane stab at creating a
default set of locale configs and then get the hell out of the way.
If local admins or users need to tweak individual locale variables
because they happen to be American english speakers stranded in New
Zealand, and carried their US Letter sized bluetooth enabled desktop
printer with them.. then they can screw with that..post install.

I will gladly concede that customization of these things needs to be
better... I'd fully bless a clever attempt at a system-config-locale
which aims at exposing customizations the right way.  But I'm really
thrilled about driving these sorts of things into anaconda until
people have figured out what this is suppose to look like in terms of
post-install configuration.

Deal with post-install configuration first... worry about the
installer after that.


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