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Re: Anaconda needs new locale thinking. (was Re: How important are ISO standards to Fedora?)

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Christian Rose (menthos menthos com) said:
If you separate LANGUAGE (in this example Spanish) from LOCATION (for
example, Costa Rica) in Anaconda, you solve almost all these problems

... assuming all those language/locale combinations exist. Which unfortunately,
they don't.

Then maybe first make him select a language and then show all the "locations" that exist for that location in a seperate screen?

So then instead of having location likes Netherlands, Germany and France for English, one would have a list like:
United States
Great Brittan
International, euro currency

With maybe tooltips or something like that saying for example for international:

Metric: metric (meters, kilo's, etc.)
Paper:  A4
Date Format: <current date in format>
Currency: euro



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