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Re: pulseaudio causing crashing of applications

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 10:17 AM, Alan Cox <alan redhat com> wrote:
 But its set by policy files so if you want other users to broadcast your
 webcam over the internet all day, listen to all your calls and send them to
 friends you can configure it that way, but that should not be the default.

Again... it comes back to the fact that people are resisting learning
how to write Hal/ConsoleKit policy to meet their local needs.

How can you resist (or consider) learning something when there's not even a mechanism exposed to interface with it?

But my concern at this point isn't with the details of 'how' to make the change I'd want, it is whether it will be possible at all in the likely scenarios. For example, I normally use a USB sound device on another OS and need the ability to switch between that and an on-board device. Now, if one user is actively using the USB device (which in my case would be connected to a receiver/speakers playing for the whole room), does another login session automatically kill access even if I did want it to kill access to the onboard device with its smaller nearby speakers? What if the USB device in question is a new one, plugged in after the ConsoleKit policy is written - or there is more than one? Also, if I were to use the phone connection that you are so worried about, I'd almost certainly want it to work through bluetooth, again probably through a USB adapter that may not be known at policy-writing time. Will this scheme permit 'my' associated bluetooth device to continue working with my session or is it going to give ownership to someone who logs in mid-call to check their email? Does the policy scheme have sufficient understanding of multiple and potentially unknown/hotplugged devices and on-the-fly associations to do anything sensible with them?

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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