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Re: pkgdb+repoview+bugz : Fedora package web-interface confusion

Michael Schwendt wrote:
There's something wrong in the Fedora package web-interfaces that are

$ yum list raydium
Available Packages
raydium.i386 1.2-4.fc8 fedora

Repoview links to:

| Fedora Package Database -- Invalid Package Name

| No search results
bugzilla xmlrpc:
| xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault Server: 'Component Needed: \n    You must choose a component to file this bug in. If necessary,\n    just guess. at Bugzilla/Error.pm line 58.\n'>

Turned out the src.rpm has a different name: maniadrive


And  http://bugz.fedoraproject.org/fubar  points to pkgdb pages of
packages that don't exist:


We could have repoview generate those URLs based on the srpm names that it finds when parsing the repodata. With that change and me fixing bugz/pkgdb to return an error page when an unknown package is given we should have consistency within the web pages. The two issues are:
1) I don't know how hard it is for repoview to do that.
2) Finding raydium from bugz or the pkgdb pages (instead of starting at repoview) will be painful.

Seth, Icon, do you think that this is the way to go?

The alternative is to have the packagedb redirect to the correct page based on what it knows about binary-rpms=>source rpms. There's no knowledge internally but I do download copies of the yum repositories so it would be possible for the packagedb ((which controls bugz.fp.o and admin.fp.o/pkgdb/) to search that information and redirect requests to the proper srpm page. The last time I tried to work with the metadata, however, the pkgdb started consuming much more memory. (That project ended by making the repo touching stuff into a cron script that didn't stay resident in memory all the time.) If we want to fix this in the pkgdb we'll have to see if there's a way to do this without bloating memory.


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