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Re: anjuta for F8

>>>>> Debarshi Ray  writes:

>> For installing gnome-build 0.2.1 from F8 updates, I had to remove
>> anjuta 2.2.0

> That is because the soname of the libraries provided by gnome-build
> has changed. The version of Anjuta that is available in the
> repositories is really old and was not built against these new
> libraries.

A new gnome-build should not have been pushed until anjuta was rebuilt
against them.  New packages should not be pushed if they cause *any*
broken deps in released versions of Fedora (unless the breakage is
transient or otherwise unavoidable).  Broken deps are acceptable in
rawhide, but should never be acceptable in released updates (unless
there are urgent security fixes involved).

Ideally bodhi would help to enforce this, see:


In this case an update of gnome-build could have waited until anjuta
was updated, and a simultaneous push of both packages done.


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