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Re: Massrebuilds for GCC 4.3 coming soon to a buildsystem near you!

Jesse Keating <jkeating <at> redhat.com> writes:
> We're also still discussing a way to allow maintainers to opt-out of an
> autorebuild.

Well, here's 2 exclusion requests with rationale:

* qt (Qt 3, I hope this is fixed in qt4 already, needs checking): 
Qt plugins are identified with a "build key" intended to guarantee matching 
ABIs between the plugin and the application loading the plugin. Unfortunately, 
if Qt is built with GCC 4.3, plugins currently end up with "g++-3.*" instead 
of "g++-4.*" in their build key, which breaks binary compatibility. I'd really 
like this to get fixed before a Qt built with GCC 4.3 ends up in the repo 
(again, Rex Dieter untagged the current one).

* knetworkmanager: The knetworkmanager in CVS is a snapshot of the 
KNetworkManager port to NM 0.7 which is still very incomplete, so it was 
untagged, the one we have in Rawhide now is a metapackage which shouldn't need 
a rebuild anyway. Rebuilding from CVS would mean reintroducing the unstable 

        Kevin Kofler

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