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Re: Fedora Translations major change: Projects being moved on 18/2

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 04:53:46 am Oscar Victorio Calixto Bacho wrote:
> What about Pootle and XLIFF Standard ?

Fully supporting XLIFF (which b.t.w. became an Oasis standard a few weeks 
back) is at present a bit tricky. With PO, we have a wide range of available 
translation tools (e.g. KBabel, Gtranslator, PoEdit) as well as manipulation 
tools (msgmerge, pocount, translate toolkit). standard text-based tools like 
diff etc also works very well with PO files. With XLIFF, we don't have many 
option with regards to open source translation tools, and the existing tools 
handle XLIFF in slightly different ways. PO has in many ways been 'the XLIFF 
of the open source world', as we are using PO as a resource container not 
only for extracted software messages, but for docs, xml files etc.. But 
development of XLIFF tools is starting to pick up.. 

With XLIFF, we could support a much richer workflow, allowing e.g. 'newbie' 
translators to only add translations as 'suggestions' and allowing 
maintainers or more experienced translators to review them. We could also 
easily track who did what, e.g. that translation unit 3434 was added in SVN 
revision 3424, translated by Translator A on Tuesday 23 Feb 07, later 
reviewed by Translator B and approved...

For those interested in XLIFF, we are currently in the process of defining 
goals and features for the next major version (2.0). I am hoping to ensure 
that we have support for the features we need from a social-translation and 
open source development in 2.0, so ideas and thoughts are welcome :)

About pootle, I'm a big fan of what the translate.sf.net people are doing, and 
we are investigating how we can integrate e.g. pootle within our L10N 

More developers are always welcome :)

(member of the XLIFF Technical Committee and also working with the Fedora L10N 

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