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Re: Asterisk 1.6 in Fedora

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Jeffrey Ollie <jeff <at> ocjtech.us> writes:
However, since we do have two weeks until feature freeze, I'm willing
to listen to arguments to put Asterisk 1.6 into F9 now...

When is the official 1.6 release scheduled? If it's scheduled before F9, then you should definitely upgrade to the beta now and get the release into F9 final. If it's going to be released shortly after, then you have to make a decision, releasing F9 with a beta and upgrading it to the final version post-release has already been done with lots of software, so it is an option too. It depends on how stable the betas are: if it's anything like the KDE 4.0 betas were, those have really nothing to do in a release, but for some other software, upstream actually recommends always using a beta, so the "beta" label by itself doesn't tell the whole story.

        Kevin Kofler

I guess that asterisk mailing list would provide some insight here. It here will be no mayor changes from not (beta 3) until 1.6 final ships I as a user would love to see Asterisk 1.6 in fedora 9.


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