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Re: Asterisk 1.6 in Fedora

"Jeffrey Ollie" <jeff ocjtech us> writes:

> I'm sure that some of you have noticed that Digium has started
> releasing betas of Asterisk 1.6 (beta3 was just released).  At this
> point in time (less than two weeks to the feature freeze), I think
> that I'm going to wait until F9 is branched in the package CVS to
> introduce Asterisk 1.6 into Rawhide.  So F10 would be the first
> release of Fedora to contain Asterisk.  I plan on introducing Asterisk
> 1.6 into EPEL6 once RHEL6 is available.
> However, since we do have two weeks until feature freeze, I'm willing
> to listen to arguments to put Asterisk 1.6 into F9 now...

I think it would be very convenient to have Asterisk 1.6 for F9,
especially if F8 stays on Asterisk 1.4. The company I work for will
likely stay on Asterisk 1.4 until a Fedora package of Asterisk 1.6 is
available. The advantages of sticking to a prepackaged Asterisk are
likely greater than the advantages of having the very latest Asterisk

The Asterisk community would probably benefit from getting Asterisk
1.6 into wide use early; the lack of wide deployment of early Asterisk
1.4 almost certainly slowed its stabilization.


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