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Rawhide problems: Long boot delay/timeout loading Udev

Since updating to Rawhide, I've developed an annoying problem while
booting.  The kernel goes through its initialization, and then I see:

	Welcome to Fedora
	Press 'I' to enter interactive startup
Starting udev:"

After a long delay (usually at least 2 full minutes, the error message:

	"Wait timeout.  Will continue in the backgroun[FAILED]"

is printed, and then there's another delay of several more minutes. Finally,
RHGB kicks in the X server, and the rest of the boot proceeds normally.

A little background:  I recently updated my laptop, a Dell Latitude
D400, to rawhide from Fedora 8.  I did it pretty haphazardly, though--I
wasn't watching what got removed but not put back, etc.  I've had
several problems stemming from this, so far, such as missing Synaptics
touchpad drivers, missing Xorg i810 video drivers, missing
NetworkManager bits, and more.

I suspect this might be a similar problem, but I really don't know where
to start.  I'd like to get more detailed error messages about what's
happening during that part of the boot process.

Does anyone have suggestions about where I should be looking, next?  Or
perhaps how I could start troubleshooting the boot delay?


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