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Re: rawhide and cooker compared

Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 12:28:03PM +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
* sensors working with lm_sensors

Note: I'm an upstream lm_sensors contributer and co-maintainer of most sensor related packages in Fedora.

About lm_sensors not being installed by default, thats because for the average users lm_sensors is not usable as it requires manual configuration.

About telling the user that he should run sensors-detect after installing lm_sensors, when and how do you envision this being told to the user?

Is there a subset of the probes sensors-detect does that can be done safely
always, on all hardware (i.e. have sensors-detect --non-interactive which
would skip the dangerous probes it asks for confirmation)?  If so, firstboot could
run that.

There are some (sortof) safe probes that can be done to determine which hwmon IC's are present however even fi the IC's are known we still do not have a properly working config.

Assuming an i2c setup there are 3 layers involved in a hwmon setup, note that some hwmon IC's are isa based, and thus only have the last 2 layers:

1) There is some i2c master / controller
   which is the starting point to
   communicate with for software which
   wants to talk to hwmon IC's. Usually this can be detected
   by PCI id, and the driver for this gets autoloaded by udev.

2) To the i2c (or isa) bus are attached some hwmon IC's

   A problem here is that one needs to
   know which hwmon ic's are used and at
   which i2c addresses they reside. This
   is where sensors-detect does most of its probing,
   this is usually safe, but in the past we have known
   to brick thinkpads by accidentally writing to the i2c eeprom
   holding the CMOS password.

3) Each hwmon IC has a number of input
   pins which measure (for example)
   voltage, the question here is which
   voltage is connected to which pin, and
   if a voltage divider is present
   between the voltage line and the pin.

   The pin to valtage mappings and voltage dividers
   differ from motherboard to motherboard. This is the biggest problem

We (the lm_sensors) project have long had plans to fix 2 and 3 together by using dmi BIOS strings to identify the motherboard (circa 80% of motherboards have usable id strings, some contain useless strings like "To be filled by OEM"), and then have a database with know good configs for tried and proven motherboards. We already have a small database of config files here:

And for quite a few of those I have a mailfolder with dmidecode dumps providing the strings. There have been several projects already to try to get a system like this developed (should be trivial really), but none has lifted of, the main problem being lack of time, we really need someone to pull the cart on this one. Contributers much welcome!

Thanks & Regards,


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