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Re: Package alien

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 11:34:11AM +0100, Zdenek Prikryl wrote:
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> Patrice Dumas napsal(a):
> > Indeed, it seems to me that alien should depend on dpkg.
> > I have packages available for dpkg, and other debian stuff (and
> > debootstrap is already in fedora):
> > 
> > http://www.environnement.ens.fr/perso/dumas/fc-srpms/debian/
> I went through your spes file of dpkg and found, that you're doing some renaming
> of executables, which could be already in fedora. But I thing, that if other
> dpkg scripts want to use for example install-info, then it will use fedora's
> install-info instead renamed install-info from dpkg package. So, are these
> renamed executables needed in package? If not, we can make package without them.

It doesn't hurt to have them, though. For example one would want to test
the debian install-info in parallel with the fedora texinfo one. It
would be harder to have dpkg use them during package install, but so far
installation of packages using dpkg isn't possible.

Also most of them are perl script so people can look at them, which is


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