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Re: Proposal: stop configuring soundcards through /etc/modprobe.conf

Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Wed, 20.02.08 22:40, Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) wrote:

So our current scheme has a number of problems, which can be workaround, but that would require some serious surgery to system-config-soundcard, and I wonder if this is the right solution. Esp since we have been slowly moving away from using /etc/modprobe.conf at all, to a system where udev loads all drivers (and udev also already loads the soundrivers).

s-c-s has already been removed from the default installation
process. It's still around for debugging purposes. But on a normal
system it shouldn't write anything to /etc/modprobe.conf anymore.



All we then need is a (simple) tool to change the default output device for pulseaudio, and put that under an appropriately named menu entry under user preferences. This is another advantage of this new scheme, the default output device then become a per user preference instead of a system wide settings, as it should be.

That tool is already thre. Just run pavucontrol, and right click on
the device you want to make the default. It already is per-user.

Ah, good.

2 points though:

1) I'm not sure its obvious to end users that the default output device can be
   set from volume control, maybe we should add the same capabilities to

2) I think we should be giving the pulseaudio tools more generic names, an
   average user probably has no idea what pa is, and this might not use menu
   entries with pa in the name.



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