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Re: Incompatible Unison update (and solution?)

Stephen Warren wrote:
So, I'm a Fedora packager. I can look into packaging the old Unison
version alongside the bleeding-edge version. I imagine (hope) it'd be as
simple as pulling the old .spec file from CVS and renaming the package.

It could be but probably isn't. When installing an old version we want the packages to be parallel installable. With something like unison, this is easy to show -- I have my laptop which I need to keep synced with my computer at work and computer at home. Those two computers have different versions of unison installed. Therefore my laptop needs to have both of those versions.

Taking a brief glance at the unison spec file it looks like you can just rename most files from unison* to unison2.13* but I haven't looked inside the source files to see that this is the only necessary change.


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