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Re: RFE: Remove isdn4k-utils from base installs

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 17:04 -0700, Lamont Peterson wrote:
> I have not had to deal with any ISDN since 1999.  I have no need to have it 
> installed on my systems.  It is a bit irritating to be removing it all the 
> time.  It isn't sucked back in as a dependency for me at some later point, 
> either.  If someone does need it installed, I would find it highly likely 
> that they would be capable of finding the right package.
> Based on all of that, I'd like to see it removed from base installs in Fedora 
> 9, please.

Since if you actually need the package, the reason you need it is so
that you can get online, it's pretty important to have there by default
for most cases.  If you don't want it, uncheck the dial-up group.

ISDN is still somewhat common-place outside of the US, especially in


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