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Re: default mail client

Kevin Kofler wrote:
KMail will have virtual folders in KDE 4.1 or 4.2 (this is being implemented in Akonadi, and what parts of Akonadi will be in 4.1 is not decided yet), so chances are that feature will come in Fedora 10 or 11. :-) It will also be very powerful, integrating with Nepomuk tagging, so you can tag your mails and filter by tags.


Opinion alert:

I have used kmail for a long time - its an almost wonderful tool. Sadly until it can actually speak html like the rest of the world it is my opinion that noone shud use it for anything save text email - if you find that useful like on here. Unless the developers get away from their personal anti-html crusade this what-cud-be-great client will fall by the wayside. I got very tired of having structured emails destroyed by kmail at work - never mind the complaints - or the inability to respond and put an 'approved' in a small html table. This is convenient and the reality we live in - the kmail developers said save the mail - copy it to a word processor file - attach it and send it. Yep - that makes sense. Now if the latest version - indeed has full support for structured html mail it wud definitely be worth a second look.

I have also used evo and thunderbird .. the only mailer which I have found comes close to being functional in the modern (business and personal) world is thunderbird.

As of now - I use thunderbird with enigmail and lightning. I use it for work and personal email use.

As an aside - if - you want the ability to trivially switch to/try different clients without dealing with the variety of local storage issues - do what I do - never use the local storage. I run a local imap server (even on my laptop) and use that. I can now easily switch email clients with almost zero cost.


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