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Re: default mail client

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 09:35 -0800, Timothy Selivanow wrote:

> I'm very happy with Evolution as long as I'm not using the Exchange
> plug-in; all of the mail servers I use are IMAP now.  Oh, there is one
> issue that I've come across but I've never actually looked into it (only
> happens on my work computer, so I haven't taken the time to do it).  On
> one (out of two) IMAP accounts in Evo I have to run the mail filters
> manually...

Evolution decides which emails to filter based on the IMAP flags set by
the server (on a per message basis).  Past versions have been very
strict about what combination of flags were needed before filtering
would take place.  Evolutions combination of flags was different to
those required by Thunderbird, so it appeared that Evolution was

This has been changed in the development version of Evolution, and its
behaviour should be much closer to Thunderbird.  There is a bug in the
GNOME bugzilla to track this:



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