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Re: rawhide and cooker compared

Dnia 2008-02-21, o godz. 15:28:04 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl>

> We (the lm_sensors) project have long had plans to fix 2 and 3 together by 
> using dmi BIOS strings to identify the motherboard (circa 80% of
> motherboards have usable id strings, some contain useless strings like "To
> be filled by OEM"), and then have a database with know good configs for
> tried and proven motherboards. We already have a small database of config
> files here: http://lm-sensors.org/wiki/Configurations
Smolt is already reading the DMI data (only it looks in "System Information",
or at least bases its statistics on that). It shouldn't be hard to teach it to
store "Base Board Information" (which, unlike "System Information", doesn't
read "To Be Filled" or "System Product Name", at least on my computers).

Then, it's only a matter of checking whether /etc/sysconfing/lm_sensors
exists, and if it does, uploading it (it's just 4 modules here). You'll soon
have a large database of successfully detected configurations. I know my Smolt
will give you one, automatically .

After some time, you'll have a database of people's settings which can be used
to install and autoconfigure lm_sensors at install time. Then people will
start to use it, then other people will be curious, why they don't have
it working on startup, and you'll just wait for bug reports about misdetected
boards. All that with half an hour of Smolt hacking, I guess :)


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