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Re: rawhide and cooker compared

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said:
We (the lm_sensors) project have long had plans to fix 2 and 3 together by using dmi BIOS strings to identify the motherboard (circa 80% of motherboards have usable id strings, some contain useless strings like "To be filled by OEM"), and then have a database with know good configs for tried and proven motherboards. We already have a small database of config files here:

And for quite a few of those I have a mailfolder with dmidecode dumps providing the strings. There have been several projects already to try to get a system like this developed (should be trivial really), but none has lifted of, the main problem being lack of time, we really need someone to pull the cart on this one. Contributers much welcome!

If you can get the DMI data that describes the layout & modules
needed, why wouldn't you put this in the modules themselves?

Because there are a gazillion motherboards and more manufactured every day. I'm active as contributer to the kernel part of lm_sensors, and I don't think this will be received well. Esp since such tables will require lots of maintainance and thus are best kept in userspace imho.



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