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Re: Help with kdissert and semantik

Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:

> I packaged kdissert a while ago, but it's been obsoleted by a rewrite
> called "semantik." I've not really used either for the longest time,
> so I'd appreciate if anyone wants to take over at this point.

Sounds like kdissert needs to be EOL'd, you should follow the procedure on 

In the meantime, I (or other members of the KDE SIG) could help comaintain
kdissert for previous releases.

> Kdissert doesn't build in F9 due to various reasons, and semantik
> requires slight patching for KDE4 paths. If someone feels like looking
> into it, I'd be more than happy to offer any support -- both moral and
> otherwise. :)

Sounds also like semantik would need a package review, yes?  Anything
submitted yet?

-- Rex

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