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Re: rawhide and cooker compared

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 12:28 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Some remarks (based on TFA, not on the mailinglist post):
> * sensors working with lm_sensors
> Note: I'm an upstream lm_sensors contributer and co-maintainer of most sensor 
> related packages in Fedora.
> About lm_sensors not being installed by default, thats because for the average 
> users lm_sensors is not usable as it requires manual configuration.
> About telling the user that he should run sensors-detect after installing 
> lm_sensors, when and how do you envision this being told to the user?

Urpmi spits a message out to the command line post-install:

[austin blackbox ~]$ cat /usr/share/doc/lm_sensors/README.urpmi 
* To use this package, you'll have to launch "sensors-detect" as root,
and ask few questions.
  No need to modify startup files as shown at the end, all will be done.
* Special note for via686a and i2c-viapro : if you dont see the values,
you probably have a PCI conflict.
  It will be corrected in next kernel. Change
the /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors to use i2c-isa + via686a
  (or i2c-viapro + another sensor)

[Sorry for the Mandriva English.]
In the case that the package in question is installed via rpmdrake,
urpmi message pop up in a graphical text box.

> * menus: Games section too long
> This can be fixed by doing "yum install games-menus"

Sweet.  Good to know.

> Thanks for the feedback, also please file bugs for all issues which could be 
> considered such.

Working on it.


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