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Re: rawhide report: 20080223 changes

Rawhide <rawhide <at> fedoraproject.org> writes:
> tastymenu-1.0.6-1.fc9
> ---------------------
> * Tue Feb 05 2008 Kelly Miller <lightsolphoenix <at> gmail.com> 1.0.6-1
> - Updated TastyMenu to version 1.0.6.
> - Adjusted dependencies due to KDE name changes.

This package is obsolete. I have just filed:

Maintainers, please don't waste your time rebuilding Kicker applets for Fedora 
9 and later, those are of no use in KDE 4. (On the other hand, system tray 
icons like KSensors are still fully functional even if they happen to use KDE 
3, those work even across desktops. If the icon resides in the system tray 
(where e.g. Klipper lives), it's a system tray icon, if it gets its own area in 
Kicker, which can be moved independently of the system tray, it's a Kicker 
applet. Only the latter are obsolete.)

        Kevin Kofler

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