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Re: someone interested in packaging VirtualBox?

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 12:09:11PM +0100, Christoph H?ger wrote:
> Am Samstag, den 23.02.2008, 20:12 -0500 schrieb Dave Jones:
> > On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 01:40:00AM +0100, Christoph Höger wrote:
> >  > Hi there,
> >  > 
> >  > I've noticed that there seems to be no review request for virtualbox so
> >  > far. I think it would be great to have this opensource vmware killer in
> >  > the repos but currently I am not quite sure if I could manage to package
> >  > it all alone.
> >  > 
> >  > Is someone willing to support me in this area. I would do the main work
> >  > and mainly need someone to ask dumb questions and make sure things go
> >  > the fedora way. Maybe someone who is already packaging some virt related
> >  > stuff?
> > 
> > The kernel module for this is way too ugly to live.
> > 
> what do you exactly mean with "too ugly to live"? Is it that fragile bad
> code or does it just not fit the kernel styling guidelines?

In terms of accessing hardware virt capabilities, there is already a generic
kernel module to expose hardware virtualization driver to userspace apps - it
is called KVM.  If virtualbox needs access to hardware virt them it should
use this existing driver.

> And if the quality is just not good enough to get into fedora, what
> efforts would be needed to fix that? 

It should use the KVM module driver, and if the current functionality in
KVM is not sufficient then VirtualBox should work with upstream to address
the limitations. Having multiple kernel modules for virtualization does
not help anyone.

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