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Re: someone interested in packaging VirtualBox?

On Sunday 24 February 2008 19:28:23 Lubomir Kundrak wrote:

> They are not quite finished. Till Maas had wonderful idea on to create a
> repository to cooperate, as in past patches were exchanged between
> several people without publicity. So here's the wiki page:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LubomirKundrak/VirtualBox
> that references the Freddie Mercurial repository any Fedora contributor
> can commit to (I hope... I hope I set it up well).

I added the changes I did to my local spec files since you got the from me, 
the dkms subpackage is now in a separate package. This makes it easier to use 
different kernel module subpackages.

Also it is now updated to 1.5.6, but I had to disable some patches to make it 
build. Maybe you can review them and explain why they are needed within the 
patches or remove them. I added some comments above the %patch lines.


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