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Re: bugzilla request

Christoph Höger escreveu:

I've read your bug. To make it short: I don't have the time to check for
such a scenario and I doubt many here will find it, as this seems to be
an upstream bug ;).
But my glibc-headers are a lot newer then yours (glibc-headers-2.7-2)
(versioning change maybe). I suggest you test with new headers and if
the bug is still present go directly to the glibc people.
Man you're right .... as i tested that which appears to be a bug on several machines, seems i have pasted the rpm version query from a fedora 5 box, which i know it's not supported anymore.

Anyway, everything was tested in Fedora 7 (which is a supported release yet) and things didnt worked as well, as i reported.

   In a Fedora 7 box, i have

[root firewall ~]# rpm -qf /usr/include/netdb.h
[root firewall ~]#

   That glibc-headers-2.3.6-3 was from a Fedora 5 box.

Unfortunelly i still dont have a Fedora 8 box, but in the Fedora 7 boxes i have access, fully updated until today, it still didnt worked as i reported. I'll try to get a Fedora 8 box and try it .... and report this bug to glibc people directly.


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