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Re: someone interested in packaging VirtualBox?

Les Mikesell wrote:
No, it's a user's view with no interest in being limited to single platforms or limited functionality.


Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
History has shown time & agin that betting
on technology that is not in the mainline kernel brings severe long term
maintainence pain which is not sustainable.

The pain of interface changes in the kernel is self-inflicted. And it is just one of the reasons users should stick to things that work cross-platform.

The choice of VirtualBox kernel module versus some other kernel module is very definitely NOT cross platform anymore. So what exactly is going to be stuck to here?

The VirtualBox kernel module is linux specific with an interface 'glue' that also works with other platforms kernel code. There is no reason VirtualBox could not adopt a new kernel module interface and work with it after helping to get it up to speed with their needs (i.e. what their current kernel module does). And when that occurred the users would have no idea what had happened because the modified interface 'glue' would keep doing its job making their virtual machines portable while talking to a different kernel module.

The kernel module is not cross platform and neither is their kernel interface 'glue' code for that particular module.

The VMWare kernel code for each host OS is as different as rice and beans, and necessarily so.

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