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Re: et tu, wvdial Re: RFE: Remove isdn4k-utils from base installs

Anders Karlsson wrote:
* Richard Hally <rhally mindspring com> [20080225 08:22]:
Lamont Peterson wrote:
On Friday 22 February 2008 01:50:14 pm Callum Lerwick wrote:
Alright, look. I don't know how to say this any plainer. I *am not* asking to have ISDN support removed. I am asking to not have it in the base, minimal, installs. When I think of a minimal install, 1GB of stuff that includes dozens of packages like ISDN is not what I'm thinking about.

I don't have any servers in data centers that need ISDN support. If I ever do, I know how to install the package. If someone doesn't, they can find it in the dial-up support and install that.

How many servers do you have that need dial-up? Would anyone in Europe care to comment on this question? Do you have any servers that need dial-up support installed as part of a minimal install?

Alright, look again. Imagine the oldest smallest desktop or laptop box that Fedora is intended to support. Does it have dialup on it? Is it used by someone that only has dialup access to the internet? What if their access is ISDN only?

Would they install over said ISDN?

If no, they are probably installing from optical media somehow and
adding the isdn tools or ticking the dialup group should be a trivial
exercise, and if you forget it, mounting the CD's or DVD to grab it
isn't hard.

If yes, I'd expect the installer to add ISDN support into the
resulting install as that is a relatively small extra download,
especially if you're pulling down 800-1100 MB of packages already over
your slow ISDN/dial-up link.

A minimal installation is supposed to be... minimal. I'd expect it to
not carry anything that is not absolutely essential to have a system
that boot. The point of a minimal install is that you *add* to it to
get what you want. Not that people have to *remove* stuff that is not
going to be used.

Well, you get my point.


Ah, your looking for a minimal install (not just without isdn/dialup). See the archives. We have had this discussion several times over the years in since FC1.

good luck,

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