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Re: rawhide report: 20080223 changes

Le Sam 23 février 2008 21:14, David Nielsen a écrit :

> For me the new xserver is some what less broken, everything seems to
> work
> except the keyboard is acting mighty funny. I press up arrow and the
> gnome-screenshot application starts up. Capslock seems to be on at all
> times regardless of the setting.

Latest xorg server is linked to hal. That means hal-auto-input got
enabled, and your input devices were probably switched to evdev. (this
is good).

Unfortunately evdev has a huge configuration design flaw every new
user hits - if anything sets the keyboard model to something else than
evdev ("evdev-managed generic keyboard" in Gnome keyboard properties)
some keys will misbehave, and in particular arrow up will become

So the solution to your problem is to check all the apps that may set
xkb settings do use the evdev model and not something else.

More accurately, in an hal-auto-input world, you need to either:
1. remove any input config sections from xorg.conf
2. add the magic configuration directives that tell xorg to accept an
xorg.conf with no input directives
3. re-configure GNOME/KDE/etc to use the evdev keyboard model
4. (optionnal) fine-tune your input config through an hal fdi file

1. add the magic config directive that tells xorg to ignore hal
auto-input altogether

Any mix of pre-hal input settings and auto-input is going to result in
dead kittens.

(from memory the xorg.conf directives that control hal auto-input are
in the english xorg.conf man page, search for hal or auto and you
should find three successive options)

Nicolas Mailhot

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