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Re: rawhide report: 20080223 changes

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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le Sam 23 février 2008 21:14, David Nielsen a écrit :
>> For me the new xserver is some what less broken, everything seems to
>> work
>> except the keyboard is acting mighty funny. I press up arrow and the
>> gnome-screenshot application starts up. Capslock seems to be on at all
>> times regardless of the setting.
> Latest xorg server is linked to hal. That means hal-auto-input got
> enabled, and your input devices were probably switched to evdev. (this
> is good).

For some definition of good (presently not mine) :)

I'm using XFCE and I've hit this, where alt-tab and crtl-<arrow> are now not functional.

> Unfortunately evdev has a huge configuration design flaw every new
> user hits - if anything sets the keyboard model to something else than
> evdev ("evdev-managed generic keyboard" in Gnome keyboard properties)
> some keys will misbehave, and in particular arrow up will become
> printscreen.
> So the solution to your problem is to check all the apps that may set
> xkb settings do use the evdev model and not something else.
> More accurately, in an hal-auto-input world, you need to either:
> 1. remove any input config sections from xorg.conf
> 2. add the magic configuration directives that tell xorg to accept an
> xorg.conf with no input directives
> 3. re-configure GNOME/KDE/etc to use the evdev keyboard model
> 4. (optionnal) fine-tune your input config through an hal fdi file

I have no idea how to tell XFCE to use evdev, so...

> *or*
> 1. add the magic config directive that tells xorg to ignore hal
> auto-input altogether
> Any mix of pre-hal input settings and auto-input is going to result in
> dead kittens.
> (from memory the xorg.conf directives that control hal auto-input are
> in the english xorg.conf man page, search for hal or auto and you
> should find three successive options)

I tried adding this to my xorg.conf, but to no effect:

Section "ServerFlags"
	Option		"DisableModInDev" "true"
	Option		"AutoAddDevices"  "false"

Are these the options you were thinking of and if so did I mis-interpret their
meaning? Do I need to add AutoEnableDevices "false" as well?

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