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Re: Rawhide X.org - My mouse doesn't work & an interesting question...

Le Mar 26 février 2008 08:12, Kelly Miller a écrit :

>> You need to be sure your mouse/keyboard is configured correctly for
>> the newer HAL auto input device handling, or to disable that option.
>> This may be due to a mouse configuration you have setup manually in
>> xorg.conf but is being interfered with when you start X and login.
>> See archived mail [1] by Nicholas Mailhot about some of this.
>> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2008-February/msg02131.html
> I stopped doing manual xorg.conf configuration back in Fedora 6,
> unless
> I had a necessary reason for fiddling with the xorg.conf.  So no,
> there's no conflicts (unless the system changed something).

If you don't explicitely tell xorg not to configure input devices,
some xorg versions will do the following

1. xorg parses its conf. Notices there are no configured input
devices. Sets up some default inputs so you don't end up with an
input-less session

2. xorg talks to hal. Hal tells it it discovered some devices and
proposes input settings. Xorg attempts to use them.

3. Unfortunately xorg defaults in 1. and hal devices in 2. point to
the same hardware, so xorg now tries to speak to the same devices
twice with different drivers and options. Misery follows.

Nicolas Mailhot

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