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Palm handhelds *nearly* working again in Fedora: a plea for some (HAL) help

Support for PalmOS handhelds has been broken in Fedora since early 2005.
(It's a long and tortuous story I can tell you later, should you be

There's a proposed solution waiting in bugzilla - it even shows off
Fedora's shiny new PolicyKit functionality. I note, with trepidation,
that the F9 freeze is in a week. IMHO it would be enormously frustrating
if we went through another Fedora release with this still broken. It
would be splendid if Fedora could close this chapter and ship a working
pilot-link package once again.

What we need is some review from HAL knowledgeable people of the
proposed .fdi and .policy files (this has been screwed up once already;
the current pilot-link in updates has a freshly broken configuration.

Based on a great deal of groundwork from many others (thanks!), I've
gone from asking for advice (no conclusive response) to putting out a
proposed solution. I've picked up a lot as I've gone along, but this
doesn't mean I know what I'm doing ;)  Indeed, based on what's happened
so far, I'd say all involved are a bit shaky on the HAL/PolicyKit front.
We need a little help. The basic premise is sound.

Good starting points would be the references at the end of:
and if it's sensible to push some of it upstream to hal-info:

The pilot-link packager maintains that we can't make another release
until this bug is also fixed; personally I'm not so convinced it's a
(and hey, a pilot-link package hit updates only yesterday which triggers
this crash)

Apologies if this seems impatient or if I'm treading on anyones toes. If
anyone is already on the case a simple acknowledgement would be very
re-assuring. We're tantalisingly close to fixing a 3 year old bug, but
it's been taken as far as those directly involved can. Help!

I've written this up once already:
which was in response to:
These views of Fedora are prevalent in the pilot-link community, and not
without foundation.

Many thanks,


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