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Re: What to do whit initscripts reviews?

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said:
Hi all,

Quite some time ago there were many bugs opened for the initscripts of many packages to be reviewed and have lsb compliant commentary added, as described here:

These bugs where filed because an init replacement with which some where experimenting needed these, are these bugs still relevant now that we are going with upstart?

I would not recommend moving scripts to upstart at this time.


But that doesn't answer my question, the LSB compliant special comment blocks with requires and provides where needed for another init replacement (I think it was initng), since we are not going to use that, is it still wanted / necessary to add LSB style comment blocks to initscripts, or can all the initscript review bugs be closed?

And if they cannot be closed, do we (finally) have some guidelines on various problems which turned up when these bugs where orignally filed?



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