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Re: What to do whit initscripts reviews?

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
> But that doesn't answer my question, the LSB compliant special comment 
> blocks with requires and provides where needed for another init replacement 
> (I think it was initng), since we are not going to use that, is it still 
> wanted / necessary to add LSB style comment blocks to initscripts, or can 
> all the initscript review bugs be closed?

You *can* add them, but...

> And if they cannot be closed, do we (finally) have some guidelines on 
> various problems which turned up when these bugs where orignally filed?

Under the implementation we have (both with upstart and sysvinit), these
requires and provides are mapped into a static priority system. Any issues
arising from that haven't changed, and can't be fixed without more significant
changes (not to the scripts, but to the infrastructure that runs them.)


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