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Re: Fedora 9 Feature Freeze Approaching--All Feature Owners Please Read

> Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
>> Le Mar 26 février 2008 17:10, Horst H. von Brand a écrit :
>> > All well and good, but right now rawhide is /very/ broken:
>> >
>> > - X doesn't get along with keyboards and mice
>> This seems mainly a config problem, right?
> Looks that way, but no solution is forthcomming. And the partial solutions
> that float around work fine (OK, for somewhat peculiar definitions of
> "fine") for some, and not at all for others (right now, I'm mostly in the
> "others" category ;-).

The latest xorg update has fixed my problems with usb mice.  (And the
scrollbar actually works on my touchpad for the first time.)

>> > I don't remember an upcomming Red Hat/Fedora release in which rawhide
>> > was this badly broken.
>> Oh, the powers of selective memory...
> I remember times of great turmoil and breakage when new compilers or new X
> or new GNOME or new OOo were introduced, then things calmed down a bit
> (sure, some pieces I used daily sometimes were still quite broken, but
> nothing really rock-bottom ground of the system) before calls for "feature
> freezes" and such came out. This round feels different (gcc-4.3 betas,
> firefox betas, radical reworking of X, ...).

There are things I would like to test.  Not having a video driver that
works with Compiz-Fusion kind of delays that.  (I blame nVIDIA.)

I would like to be able to get NetworkManager to actually work on my
laptop.  I have yet to get it to behave with the b43 chipset.  (I can get
the wireless chip working, but I have to use wlassistant to get it to
connect correctly.)

The changes to Tex have caused some of my builds to go south.  I have not
had time to track down the cause.  I expect that the change from TeTex to
TexLive will cause more than one headache for the packages formally known
as extras.

Too many weird little pieces seem to need to be hacked around at this
point. The question is if adding something else would help stability or
just break it even further.

Font management tools for users would be helpful.  The current system of
adding fonts is pretty obscure from a user viewpoint.  (At least in
Gnome.) There are other things I will probably think of as soon as I send

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