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Editing comps.xml

I just made my first attempt at editing comps.xml.  I noticed a couple
of things:

1) http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/CompsXml describes
the "required" level, but the actual comps files use "mandatory"
2) The authoring-and-publishing group description is wrong.  I'm a
little leery of changing it myself, though.  It says that the tools in
that group are used to create documents in the DocBook format and
convert them into other formats.  I propose the following replacement

"These tools allow you to author documents in formats such as DocBook
and LaTeX, and convert documents to formats such as HTML and PDF for

Also, the xsltproc invocation on the wiki page turned up some extra
whitespace at the end of an unrelated entry in comps-f9.xml.in.  When
I committed, I removed that extra whitespace.  I hope that's okay.
Jerry James

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