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Fedora 9 Beta freeze coming!

The Sulphur is getting cold....

The Beta freeze is one week away (March 4th)!  What does this mean for
you? Beta freeze is a blocking freeze, that is when we freeze, rawhide
will compose from the freeze set, not from any future builds done in the
devel/ cvs branch.  If you need a build tagged for the beta, you'll
need to mail rel-eng fedoraproject org with your build and reasoning
for including it in the beta.

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ReleaseEngineering/Overview#head-7dfffd8d508d35c931d4b7cc519fce1b00019e4c for details.

Once the Beta has been composed, rawhide will open up again and pick up
the builds that have been done since the freeze, and we'll march our
way toward the final freeze.

It is worth noting that the Beta freeze is also the Feature and String
freezes for Fedora 9.

After Beta release we'll start allowing pre-branching of packages for
Fedora 9.  This will allow maintainers to stabilize software in the
F-9/ branch while continuing on future development in the devel/
branch.  More on that later!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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