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Re: Mouse offset in Rawhide...

Stjepan Gros wrote:
Hi all,

I'm running rawhide inside VMware server and starting few days ago (I
can't remember exactly when) mouse in X has on offset, i.e. it doesn't
act on the spot where arrow shows but in some near place. That's very
annoying and makes X unusable. I tried system-config-display --reconfig
but the problem persists.

Does anyone has similar problems?


This has come and gone quite a few times for me in VMware Fusion. It seems that changing from windowed mode to fullscreen often resets it. This is especially true for using the mouse to highlight in virtual terminals. The mouse will be offset by about half the height of the terminal (but correct in the X position for width).

You may be seeing more of a problem though with the last few days due to xorg server update and brokenness in how input devices are configured. Read over this bugzilla and just be aware it is a current problem. This bug is mainly about keyboards though.

I do have input location problems for my mouse that is different from what I mentioned above that is recent with the last few days. The vmware mouse location (where the click occurs) will be somewhat randomly positioned, while the actual mouse appears to be somewhere else. Each click it appears to randomly relocate the effective position where it clicks.


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