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Re: Palm handhelds *nearly* working again in Fedora: a plea for some (HAL) help

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 14:34 +0000, David Hollis wrote:
> I noticed that pilot-link-0.12.2-18.fc8 hit updates today which re-broke
> syncing.

Yes, that was fixing a separate bug to get Zire 22s working (bz 431498).
It still contained the broken .fdi. Not really sure why it was pushed

> I noticed in the changelogs that the -19 rpm has the updated
> hal/PolicyKit files so I pulled that from Koji and things are back and
> functioning.

That build sets access policy directly by USB VID/PID (which works, but
leaves identification of Palms - both libusb and visor - across multiple

I've since split out the "information" VID/PID matching bit,
cross-checked it against the VID/PIDs pilot-link recognises, and pushed
it upstream to hal. So what we now need is a new build of hal-info, then
a rebuild of pilot-link to use the newer 19-palm-acl-management.fdi


Eventually I'd like to push 19-palm-acl-management.fdi and
pilot-device-file.policy upstream to pilot-link.


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