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Re: sense of packaging firefox' addons?

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Andrew Farris schrieb:
> Lubomir Kundrak wrote:
>> On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 21:35 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> I saw Ubuntu is puting Firefox' addons to repo.
>>> I wonder why, while Firefox has now integrated search for addons and
>>> better addons site is planned...
>>> I don't think we should package extensions, but what do you think
>>> about that situation in U?
>> Packaging addons makes perfect sense. As much as does packaging CPAN
>> modules. You get benefits of a good packaging and update system with
>> that. Obvious examples are ability to put the addon into repository and
>> add it to your kickstart, or stay up-to date with security fixes.
> I think it only makes sense for those addons which are needed in a more
> secure environment (like for an RHEL workstation where you do not want
> the latest addon from the upstream to get loaded up at browser start, or
> you need to carefully review its compatibility before deployment), or
> for an addon that is closely related to the Fedora/RHEL desktop
> environment (like the Beagle integration addon).  It makes sense to
> package the beagle addon, it would not make much sense to me as a user
> for the Foxmarks bookmark sync addon to be packaged for instance.  It
> would make sense to package an addon that related to an internal network
> tool or web application.
> The builtin firefox addon update system works far faster for most
> desktop users than getting a new rpm packaged, built, and shipped... the
> popular addons become available for users almost as soon as the upstream
> posts them to the mozilla addon site.  You just restart the browser and
> you've got a notice of update.

I would add: It is a question of the point of view: Do you see that
addons as a essential thing, a Desktop needs to fit certain (Enterprise)
requirements as, i.e. eclipse-cdt or is it just for the personalization
of a desktop? If you answer the first question with yes then you should
propably package an addon.
But of course, if you do so, the problem of "what happens if user tries
to install addons himself?" rises.
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