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Re: sense of packaging firefox' addons?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 12:22 PM, Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:
 The builtin firefox addon update system works far faster for most desktop users
 than getting a new rpm packaged, built, and shipped... the popular addons become
 available for users almost as soon as the upstream posts them to the mozilla
 addon site.  You just restart the browser and you've got a notice of update.

What about... Fedora livecd spins?  Would it make sense to put in
end-user oriented plugins in our repository so that the people making
spins can make use of them in the live image experiences?


I would say yes here, but of course addons are often updated and even if you did push out an addon in a livecd spin the addons would up out of date quickly. If the user was keeping persistent state with a livecd spin they may prefer using the firefox installed addons directly in the user's profile. The conflict of having both install choices is present there too if the persistent state stuff gets up to speed.

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