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Re: upstart testers wanted!

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
Bill Nottingham wrote:
Linus Walleij (triad df lth se) said:
Confirmation that the system boots and runs more or less as expected.
Seems to work flawlessly. I have no SELinux on this HP nc2400 laptop but upstart boots it like a charm.

I don't notice much increase in bootup speed, but shutdown is *considerably* quicker!

Do you have numbers? I'm not sure why it would be significantly different
at all; it's still running the same shutdown scripts.


I don't have numbers, but subjectively, shutdown or restart are faster than before. Don't subjectively see a decrease in startup. BTW, show details in RHGB doesn't work after swaps activated msg displayed. Still looking into this....

Maybe I spoke too soon....after clicking on restart from gnome desktop, a long period of time passes before the graphical desktop disappears. Restart is very fast after that. Is this upstart or gnome? Total time is now much longer (subjectively) and I believe my earlier assessment was faulty since that restart was immediately after installing upstart.

(BTW, have removed rhgb from grub menu since can't use interactive service startup with it. I see this is covered in bz 433156. Maybe upstart install should check and remove grub rhgb parm until solution coded.)

Not seeing any other issues, but don't know if upstart is any advantage at present.


Old Fart

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