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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Christopher Aillon wrote:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
I said few weeks or months ago, that our system-* tools cannot
descriminate KDE by using GTK.

Maybe we should make things just work out of the box where we can, so we can get rid of the need to have system-config-* cruft and discriminate against both.

Jakub, I really have to disagree with your frequent use of the word 'discriminate' in describing this issue.. there is no discrimination occurring here. To be discrimination, it would have to be possible for you to do something (or be provided something) only in one situation and not in another. You CAN use the system-config- tools in kde, and they do their jobs correctly. It would be a discrimination issue if you were forced to login to gnome to create new user accounts for instance.

You might receive more positive feedback on this if you just stick to the primary issue... users who prefer KDE want their applications to remain in theme, especially if they are using vastly different QT themes from the default. The 'problem' here is purely aesthetic, but there is nothing (in system-config- stuff) you're denied access to by using kde.

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