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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Arthur Pemberton pisze:
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Matthias Clasen<mclasen redhat com>  wrote:
  We are currently investing effort into bringing the screen resolution
  capplet into the modern xrandr world. This will soon make
  system-config-display obsolete.

Fair enough

Curious, how this is gonna work...

Sometimes I have broken xorg.conf and no copy on Internet so then some tool is needed.

  NetworkManager is gaining capabilities for dealing with system-wide
  connections right now.

With all due respect to the NetworkManager devs, this particular piece
of software regularly betrays me at times when I can't be dealing with
network issues -- there is currently a hate thread going on in the
main list, not started by myself

That's good, but too late for me (; .
I had static conf over network, but now I have router with static IPs set for MACs. DHCP used.

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